The Tabernacle

Nothing in the Bible reveals more about the true worship of God and how He desires to be worshipped than the Tabernacle. The importance of the Tabernacle is revealed to us by the sheer number of chapters devoted to its construction, the priesthood who perform all of the duties of the offerings, and all that goes into sacrifices made by God’s people. 

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, Self, I wonder what the Bible says about where we worship? Does God care about our style of worship and what we use? Or, is worship just something we do haphazardly? Let’s take that bite by bite today. First, there are 12 chapters in Exodus (25-30 and 35-40), 12 in Leviticus (1-10, 16, 23), 5 in Numbers (8-9, 18, 28-29), and 4 chapters in Hebrews (4-5, 8-9) That adds up to 33 chapters all about worshiping our amazing God. In comparison. God devotes only 2 chapters to the creation of our world and everything after it’s kind. 

That is why we should study the Tabernacle. To grasp what God shares with us, humanity, through a physical object lesson for how He desires us to truly worship Him. The Tabernacle teaches us the principles of God’s model for worship, which helps us understand the words of Jesus Christ in John 4:24~God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth. (NIV) Over the coming weeks, we are going on a journey of exploration on, in, and through the Tabernacle. Learning with each new step that God has a plan and purpose in everything that He does. 

Moreover, God isn’t looking for haphazard worship, for Him, worship is meaningful, purpose-filled, intent laden, revealing our deep need to be in relationship with Jehovah—My Lord God. He is Jehovah Jireh—My Provider (Genesis 22:14). Jehovah Rophe—My Healer (Exodus 15:26). Jehovah Nissi—My Banner (Exodus 17:15). Jehovah Makadesh—My Sanctifier (Leviticus 20:7-8). El Shaddai—My Supplier (Genesis 17:1-2). Adonai—My Master, the Sovereign Lord (Genesis 15:1-6). When we worship God we need to understand, at least in part who He is, and what He desires from us. 

So, who is God to you? You were created to commune and worship the Living God who planned an amazing life with good things for you to do and who wants to participate with you. Why not take time to ask Him right now what He would like you to do today? Ask Him who He might have you minister to and share His amazing grace with. Then, just respond, and watch as He gives you the words to say and opens up the moment to minister.

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