Take Time

I find that yesterday was a very fitting day. Where we returned to Church and got to partake of Holy Communion as a community of believers. A desire of every true believer is to get the most out of the Lord’s Supper. Matthew has painstakingly shared the longest of days so far for Christ our Lord. Who has finished His Olivet Discourse, and Jesus now reminds His disciples the Passover is looming on the horizon, only two days away. Again, our Lord warns that He will be delivered up to be crucified. As Marcellus famously once said in the opening act of Hamlet, Something is rotten, just not in Denmark, but rather in Jerusalem. Psalm 58:1~Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised in the city of our God! (NIV)

Matthew 26:3~Then the chief priests and the elders of the people gathered in the palace of the high priest, whose name was Caiaphas, (ESV) Yes, the gathered and conspired in the city of the great King. However, they don’t want to arrest Him during Passover because there would surely be rioting. Matthew 26:5~But they said, “Not during the feast, lest there be an uproar among the people.” (ESV) This kind of disorder would kindle the wrath and scorn of Rome. With that picture hanging on the wall of your mind, I want to remind each of us that we need to cherish the Savior more. (26:6-16) 

It was 1980 something when we first heard these velvety words form Kool and the Gang, Cherish the life, Cherish the love we have for as long as we both shall live. For believers that is eternity with the Bride Groom, Christ our Lord. Still, Tuesday when Jesus finally arrives back in Bethany on the eastern slope of the Mt. of Olives. On this eternal day, He is invited to dinner in the house of Simon the leper (26:6). Today, we know leprosy as Hansen’s disease. Though contagious it only affects roughly 5% of the world’s population. It is where bacteria causes a condition in the skin membrane. 

Thus, we must be genetically predisposed to get it. Leviticus 13 shares the rules that the Jews lived under concerning Leprosy. Since lepers were not allowed to live inside towns or associate with non-lepers, Simon has evidently been healed, and it was probably by Jesus. Keep in mind that Jesus is not a social dissident or lawbreaker, on the contrary, He tells us in Matthew 5:17~Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. (NIV) 

Did you know that Jesus Christ came to claim you as His own? I believe that we would all benefit if we would take time to sit down with the Lord and just take time to cherish His words of promise. To mull over the life-giving words of being free in Jesus Christ. Why not just push the world out for a time and reflect on all the blessings the Lord has shared with you in your life. I bet you will be overcome with gratitude today. 

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