When we open our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 what we find is a great hall of faith. Where heroes of Faith line the wall, with bronze busts to commemorate the commitment to faith in God demonstrated in a life well-lived. Yes they, like us, are not without the scars of this life. Within its 40 verses, we are inspired by stories of men and women who pleased God as they lived by faith. 

As we read of their lives, I picture them splashed across the page, I witness the Jumbotron illuminating every detail every time I read about one of them. As my eyes read over the names and events, I always find one whose story moves me and I again set out to unpack their lives. They moved over the valley and through the woods, responding and ultimately pleasing God with their loves, and each time they gave witness to Faith in action. 

Now this word that is tossed around, faith, it means complete trust or confidence placed in something or someone. A couple of months back, we looked at how the object of our faith is to be Jesus Christ. Moreover, faith is substance born of hope. Many have taken the word faith and created an acrostic. One of my favorites: Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him, this is FAITH. It is a lifelong fantastic adventure as we journey with our Lord and Savior, learning to trust in Jesus Christ. Finding each day a new opportunity to learn and walk out our faith in the Lord as the Holy Spirit guides us down the path of life’s journey. 

As we begin a new week of devotions, let’s take time to consider the lives of some of the Heroes of Faith and how we find four requirements that will help us please the Lord our God. Today, take time to read over this chapter and I bet you will discover that you have had some similar circumstances come your way. Take note of how they handled adversity in their lives and how you can apply the wisdom they used to your situation. And remember we can always ask God for guidance.

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