Happenings for September 1st

Nursery Today: Katherine

Way to Go Mt Gallant: Our pounding last weekend saw over 1200lbs of food raised for Pilgrims Inn • And thanks to the team that was able to help unload all of the frozen food You guys have a real heart for the Lord

Children’s Attention Center: Help us feed 50 people • 091519

Spiritual Formations: We are UnPlugged for the next two weeks as we seek God Join us for a powerful, Life in the Spirit 

Back To Church Sunday: The indictment we are facing is only 2% • Only 2% of church people invited someone last year • OUCH! • So, who will you invite? • Because there is an 82% chance you’re going to hear a YES • B2CS is — 091519

Men’s Fraternity: Join us Monday 090219 @ Chili’s 6:30 PM

Royal Rangers: • Mentoring boys into men since 1962 • If you know any boys who want to tie knots, camp and learn life skill then have them join us on  Wednesday’s @ 7 PM • 

Girls Club: • Where young girls become ladies • It’s a place to belong and grow • Girls Club is a place to become the woman God has created you to be • Wednesday, August 21st @ 7 PM •

Fall Groups: Fall groups kick-off Sunday, September 15th@6PM

Fort Mill Food Pantry: Help us fight hunger • Week 1st—Can Vegetables, 2nd—Pasta, 3rd—Canned Meats, 4th—Breakfast •

Are You Praying?: Join us this Sabbath as we Pray for 24 hours Friday from 6 pm to Saturday 6 pm Become a prayer partner of the Praying Church MovementTake one hour and be praying for the persecuted church, unreached people groups and lost •

Mission Focus For September: The Fort Mill Food Pantry • All proceeds and giving will go to buy groceries to help needy families in our community •

Be The Difference • You are the perfect person to help our kids grow in Jesus Christ, see Pastor Joe Today! 

Plentiful Harvest Kitchen: We will be cooking again on December 15th • So mark your calendars

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