Happenings for October 27th

Nursery Today: Marlene Next week: Mary

Membership Sunday: Help us welcome our new members today • Sunday 10/30 • at the close of our service •

Candy Palooza: A special thank you to everyone in our community who prayed, brought in candy, served with diligence • Way to Go, Mt Gallant, you are amazing! •

Royal Rangers Training: If you are interested in learning more about Royal Rangers or think you may one day want to help • Then please sign-up for Rangers training • Saturday 11/16 8-5 pm• 

Mission Focus For October: Magnolia Manner •

Spiritual Formations: Join us for our current series And God… • A look at the first 11 chapters of the Bible • Let’s grow together •

Fall Groups: Fall groups are underway • Join one tonight, 6 PM

Men’s Fraternity: Join us this week for our last installment of John Ortberg’s, Get out of the Boat Location: Pastor D’s • 6 PM  

LMMG: Ladies this is our final week of looking at Entrusted Join us in the Fellowship Hall tonight @ 6 PM  

Fort Mill Food Pantry: Help us fight hunger • Week 1st—Can Vegetables, 2nd—Pasta, 3rd—Canned Meats, 4th—Breakfast •

Your Change, Can Change Hunger: Each week we’d like to take the weight of change off you • Drop your change in the box at the back • Your change will help us change someone who is hungry to full • Donations will fight hunger by supplying lunch for the Children’s Attention Center • Don’t carry change, we take dollars • 

Royal Rangers: • Mentoring boys into men since 1962 • Where boys learn about God and His holy word • Wednesdays @ 7 PM • 

Girls Club: • Where young girls become ladies • It’s a place to belong and grow • Girl’s Club is on Wednesdays @ 7 PM •

Be The Difference • You are the perfect person to help our kids grow in Jesus Christ, see Pastor Joe Today!  

Thanksgiving Dinner: Make plans for Sunday, November 24th •

Plentiful Harvest Kitchen: Cooking again on December 15th •

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