Happenings for November 8th

To All of Our Veterans: Thank you for your bravery and service • Continue Praying: Please be praying over our Presidential Election • Praying over our economy • Praying over our country •

A True Need: We have a bad bearing in our gas pack that needs replacing • The cost is $950 for a new motor • Please pray about what you can give to this need • Mark “other” and write heater •

Mt Gallant Ladies Ministry: Operation Dinner Out 110920 MGLM • Operation Dinner Out—McAllister’s @ 630—Dave Lyle •

Join Our Cook Team: We are cooking baby next week • Join us next Sunday, November 15th as we return to Plentiful Harvest Kitchen to prepare a meal to feed our hungry neighbors •

Raise Awareness, Meeting Needs: Our Royal Rangers are in need of some supplies • Help them raise the funds for flags (US & Christian) and some equipment, to help them earn badges •

Hey Students: Thanks to everyone who helped make First Frida so Special • Now markdown that Triple T meets again on Friday, December 4th, 6-8 PM in the Fellowship Hall • Ages 10-19 •

Children’s Church: Pastor Joe really could use you in the back on a rotational basis to help with kid’s church • you are not too young or too old to be helpful!

Thank You for Your Generosity: Mt Gallant you have been so wonderful through a difficult year • Thank you for your continued support • Please continue to use our touch-less box or the baskets, or give online anytime • God loves cheerful givers •

What Color Are You Wearing?: At Mt Gallant, we use stickers to help navigate physical distancing • Available in 3 colors: Red (6 ft please), Yellow (handshakes), and Green (we’re good) •

We Would Be Remised: If we did not remind you that as the weather changes please be mindful of any cold symptoms you may have • We love having you in the house for worship, but be mindful of any symptoms • You can always join us online •

Fort Mill Food Pantry: Help fight hunger • Week 1—Can Vegetables #2—Pasta #3—Canned Meats #4—Breakfast •

Men’s Fraternity: Join us for dinner, 12/07/20–6 PM @ Chili’s •

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