Happenings for May 17th

Welcome Back For Family Worship: Today is a day filled with great anticipation • Whether you join us online or in person, we are defiantly glad you are here • If you have not arrived early to join us for services yet, please do as we utilize our new process of physical distancing • Thank you, Mt Gallant, for understanding and helping us stay safe as we return to community worship •

Remember NO Nursery: Our Nursery is currently closed • For the foreseeable future •

Worship World: We are still Online Only For Now • BUT, we have moved our Facebook Live Broadcast to Sunday Nights • Please join us tonight at 6 PM for Worship World • facebook.com/MGCOG

Today’s Sermon: Messiah — The Call Of Communion — Matthew 26.1-35 • A sermon outline can be picked up from an usher or downloaded from the devotional tab • Located at  mgcog.com/devotional

Our Current Procedure: As we reopen Mt Gallant for live and in-person worship, we ask for your assistance and understanding • Our entry process is designed to help you enter and exit safely • We check temperatures, offer masks and gloves • Will open doors, help you to your seat, and even have a bathroom attendant • Help us follow the plan for offering by giving as you come in, give online, or you can give as you exit • Please wait for the dismissal we have been implementing over the last few weeks • Our goal is to help you spend time with Jesus and the community of faith in an engaging and stay atmosphere • We look forward to having you back •

A Special Request: If you are or have been sick, please take a couple of extra weeks before returning • If you are a person at higher risk due to health concerns, please be judicious in your return • Know that we have been online for most of the last decade and will continue to be online as long as the Good Lord allows •

How About A Midweek Boost?: Each Wednesday Night we offer acoustic-style worship • Where Jim Kiley, Pam Huffstetler & gang of old friends feature some old favorite, gospel songs you know and love, mixing in the hymns you grew up on • For a real retreat, join us early for the impromptu jam session • I know that this will time bless you •

Finding Christ: No, Jesus isn’t lost, but we do want to help you find out more • Join us on Wednesday nights and 7 PM • Were we are studying 2 Peter • It is the last letter he wrote, and his desire was to impact your life with the risen Lord Jesus • You can download the teaching handout from our devotional tab  •

Thanks For Lending A Hand: Mt Gallant, Thank You for your continued prayers and support for our community • We would love for you share any extra sanitizing wipes, gels, or disinfecting spray that you would like to donate • We appreciate your generous gifts •  

Sunday School: Our Sunday school classes are still on pause • We will share with you when we are ready to reopen them •

Your Change, Can Change Hunger: We continue to give to the Fort Mill Food Pantry and delivering groceries to home • Help us keep feeding others, by giving • Just go online and give as we help feed the hungry • Or, you can bring canned goods to service on May 17 •

Fort Mill Food Pantry: Help us fight hunger • Week 1st—Can Vegetables, 2nd—Pasta, 3rd—Canned Meats, 4th—Breakfast •

This Week’s Reference Corner: Psalm 58:1, Matthew 5:17, John 12:3, John 12:4-6, Mark 15:42-46, Mark 14:7, Leviticus 23:5-6, John 8:36, 1 Peter 2:4, Colossians 1:20, Romans 8:28, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, Psalm 41:9, Psalm 34:20, John 19:36, Exodus 24:8, Luke 22:20, Psalm 118, Ephesians 1:3

Let Us Help Celebrate You—Happy Birthday: Freddy Foster 05/02, Chris Frances 05/06, Elizabeth Senhouse 05/08, Olivia Savage 05/10, Michael Senhouse 05/12, Johnny Bryant 05/23

A Special Happy Anniversary—Kathryn & Zachary Rodriguez 05/01, Adam & Ashley Lipian 05/13, Mandy & Tony McMehan 05/30

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