Happening for July 12th

Sticker?: Did you get your STICKER? • We are utilizing stickers to help us share how comfortable we are with shaking hands, fist bumps, or just holding back a little longer • The stickers come in 3 different colors • Red (6 ft please), Yellow (handshakes), and Green • 

July Spiritual Formations: Be praying for a personal revival in your life and home this July • Partner with us as we work our way through Fresh Encounter • It is a FREE 28 day devotional by Henry Blackaby that promises to change your life as God works inside of you through His Holy Spirit •

NO Wednesday’s in July: Please take this opportunity to stay at home and study God’s Word • Make this quality time with family •

Why Yes, We Are Open For Worship: Thank you for joining us as we lift up the name of Jesus • Whether you join us online or in-person, may God grip you with grace and fill you with His joy today • Pardon our new protocols as we endeavor to give people the opportunity to worship in community with physical distancing • Thank you, Mt Gallant, for being so understanding •

Worship World is Back!: Our Worship World is back to face to face every Sunday at 11 am • Parents, you choose your child’s sticker •

Keep In Mind—NO Nursery: For now, our Nursery is closed •

Please Regard Us: Mt Gallant is open and welcomes you both in-person and online for worship • We hope you will mask up and offer some understanding • Please come in as one family unit • Have your temperature checked, get a sticker • We will open the doors, help you to your seat, and even have a bathroom attendant • You can give when you come or as your leave • Welcome Back! •

A Special Request: If you are or have recently been sick, please take a couple of extra weeks before returning • If you are a person at higher risk due to health concerns, please be judicious in your return • Know that we have been online for most of the last decade and will continue to be online as long as the Good Lord allows •

Sunday School: Sunday school classes will begin August 2, 2020•  

Your Change—Can Change Hunger: We continue to support the Fort Mill Food Pantry Help us keep feeding others, by giving • Just go online and give as we help feed the hungry • Or, you can bring canned goods to service any of our services • 

Fort Mill Food Pantry: Help us fight hunger • Week 1st—Can Vegetables, 2nd—Pasta, 3rd—Canned Meats, 4th—Breakfast •
Reference Corner: Matthew 5:14, Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Timothy 1:15, John 12:13, Luke 22:48, John 11:53, John 2:12-17, Matthew 21:12-17, John 18:19-24, Matthew 26:57-68, Luke 23:11, Romans 8:22, Romans 5:8, Isaiah 50:6, Isaiah 52:14, John 19:17, Mark 15:23, Esther 2:!2, Psalm 45:8, John 19:39, Psalm 22:18, Mark 15:25, Luke 22:19, John 15:1-8, Luke 22:44, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 12:2, Isaiah 53:12, Matthew 4:1-11, John 1:29, Luke 22:43 •
Happy Birthday: Travis Huffstetler 07/02, Michael Mascioli 07/02, Kinsley Huffstetler 07/15, Terry (Bull) Caudle 07/18, Ean Simpson 07/21, Finley Ayers 07/22 •
Happy Anniversary—April & David Savage 07/10, Rebecca & Phil Gaston 07/27 •

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