Happening for July 10th

Pray For America: Oftentimes, when we do not get our way, we take matters into our own hands • With the Supreme Court ruling some righteous decisions, there is strong pushback • Pray for God to intervene in our nation, in our economy, pray for revival •

No Wednesday Nights In July: Please take this time to recharge and center yourself on Jesus Christ • Did you know God has a ministry for you to plug into right here at Mt Gallant? • It’s true • Begin preparing yourself for the ministry God has for you •

Kids Krusade Registration: Do you have a fascination with bugs and insects • Bugs even teach us some valuable Biblical lessons • Want to know more • Resister for BUGS at mgcog.com/events • 

Camp Has Been Life Changing: As we send another group of campers out this week, please be praying • Ask God to move and work in both the campers’ and workers’ lives • Kids today face so many more challenges and they need the Lord’s help • Pray!

Men of Action: have a need, we are here to help • If you or someone you know has a need see David Simpson • Interested in serving on our team and helping others • Then let’s connect and we will be glad to help you get plugged in •

Cadence, Our Summer Series 2022: Seeks to help you with the really stressful things that head our way in life • Did you know God offers us a real working solution to help us alleviate stress? • join us on our journey to help alleviate • 

Back To School Blessing: Mark your calendars for 080722 •

What You Need This Summer, Is Community: Our adult classes have joined forces for the summer • Let David Simpson and April Savage lead you on an amazing spiritual journey • We have fresh Dunkin and pastries each week • Group meets Sundays, 10 AM • 

Your Prayers Make A Difference: Why not sign-up and help us as we pray over the needs of the community • To become a prayer partner contact Mary at marymascioli@gmail.com •

Fort Mill Food Pantry: Help us fight hunger • Week #1—Canned Vegetables • #2—Pasta • #3—Canned Meats • #4—Breakfast •

Heading Out Of Town?: You can catch us online from anywhere • and even keep up with your giving • Just go to mgcog.com/give •

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