Glorious God

Like most people, if not all, we wonder from time to time who we are, or perhaps how we are perceived. Take the tiktok craze. An app where you have to plan your own music video or duet with someone somewhere else or even a throw down LSB. Wow, it is no wonder why we have so many questions. Sometimes, when thinking about life, we will think about Christ. Have you truly realized who Jesus is? (16:13-16) Like many people today, who Jesus is, comes with a mixed bag of different opinions. 

Therefore, as the disciples walk toward Caesarea, Jesus asks His disciples who people say He is. And like our world, many of the disciples answer with various views. Some say Christ Jesus is the resurrected John the Baptist. I know He was ministering while John the Baptist was alive. Others say He is Elijah, or Jeremiah, possibly one of the other prophets. Then, Jesus looks directly at those who follow after Him closest and He pointedly asks, who do you say I am? (Matthew 16:13-15) 

That is a real question we each must answer in the faith. In the Bible, we are met with what is called The Great Confession, as immediately Peter replies in Matthew 16:16~You are the Christ (Χριστός Christos), the Son of the living God. (ESV) The word (Χριστός Christos) or Christ is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word (מָשִׁיחַ mashiyach) Messiah. 

Both mean anointed one. Jesus is His name and Christ or Messiah is His title. Jesus Christ means Jesus the Messiah. When we call Him Living God we are saying He is active, as opposed to all other gods that are inactive or static because they’re inanimate. Joel 2:27~Then you will know that I am in Israel, that I am the LORD your God, and that there is no other; never again will my people be shamed. (NIV) No one can better describe Christ Jesus than Peter does in his Great Confession. Have you made the great confession? Have you told Jesus that He is the Christ (Χριστός Christos), the Son of the living God and made Him Lord over all your life? 

If we desire to get the most out of life, we must Get Connected with Jesus, learning to walk by faith as the Holy Spirit leads us. Why not consider what God has been asking of you, by visualizing yourself doing just that. Then when the opportunity arrives, you will be prepared to answer the Lord’s call. Today, visualize.

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