Called By God

When it comes to finding God’s purpose for our life, Abraham is a true pioneer. Pioneers are those who are first to explore and navigate a new land as they venture into uncharted territory. Keep in mind that in Abe’s case, he has no Bible, no local community of faith, nor a pastor he can call for help. Yet, Abe answers God’s call as he journeys into the unknown a wonderful experience of discovering God’s purpose. In scripture, Father Abraham holds a place of prominence, evident by his story filling many biblical pages. Furthermore, his story carries over into the New Testament. Three times he’s called God’s friend 2 Chronicles 20:7, Isaiah 41:8, and James 2:23. 

Even as the New Testament opens in Matthew 1:1 with the genealogy of Jesus Christ, we trace the spiritual beginning, back to Abe. According to Romans 4:11~And he (Abraham) received circumcision as a sign—the father of all who believe. In the Bible, Ol Mo’s the great lawgiver, David the great king, Elijah the greatest Old Testament prophet. We can never be a lawgiver like Ol Mo or Israel’s greatest king like David, and we’ll never be a prophet like Elijah, but we can be like Abraham. We can become God’s friend discovering and fulfilling His divine design for our lives. Today, I want each of us to take the Initial Steps: of becoming God’s friends as we Move, Communicate, Anticipate and Capitulate.

Move when you hear God’s voice (Genesis 12:1-5). Abraham is born around 2,160 BC, about 4200 years ago and is known as Abram, meaning exalted father until God changes his name to Abraham. The difference to us in English is ham, which holds a similar meaning in Hebrew, as it does in English. Right ladies, cook a ham and many will join in. His name change comes at the establishment of the covenant of circumcision in Genesis 17:5-10. Abram grows up in Ur with his father Terah and two brothers, Nahor and Haran, who is Lot’s dad Genesis 11:27. After Haran dies, Abram, his wife Sarai, his father Terah and his nephew Lot leave Ur and settle in Haran where Terah dies (11:31-32). We aren’t certain if Haran was like Dallas, Denver or Orlando, named after the city of conception. What we do know is that God’s initial call to Abram came while living in Ur Acts 7:1-2. Again in Haran, God speaks to Abram. 

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