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Impact Culture
At Mt Gallant, we Proclaim Christ, Create Community, and Impact Culture. We believe the Church is meant to be the place in which we can learn the Word of God. It is the University of the Soul. The curriculum is Jesus Christ and his Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The textbook is the Bible and the laboratory is the world, and our life in it. Join us as we gather, grow, serve, and invite.
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We gather because going to a place of worship gives us a sense of community. You have a second family that you can share your life’s problems and fun times with. Friends from the community of faith support you through the best and worst of times. Doing life together allows us to pray for each other, learn about God’s word, and gives us greater purpose. Gathering for church together makes our sense of community stronger.
The Bible challenges us to grow. Growth is development, an improvement towards a goal. At Mt. Gallant our goal is to help you develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We come together in large and small groups to break down Scripture you can apply to your life. We build healthy relationships to help you pray, and pray for you. We offer study tools, daily devotions and opportunities to worship, all with spiritual growth in mind.
Jesus said that our service is a demonstration of love. At Mt Gallant, we serve because Jesus did. Serving and helping others gives us a feeling of satisfaction from participating with others. Giving back as we share the love of Jesus makes us feel good. That is why at Mt. Gallant we offer service projects that impact peoples lives with the hope of Christ, whether serving on a cooking team that feeds hungry kids, collecting school supplies or presents at Christmas. You can join us in serving our community
Current research says that only about 4% of our largest population demographics, the millennial generation, will ever come to Jesus as their own personal Lord and Savior. Our mission is to mobilize the 4%, and win the 96%. That is why we are inviting you to help us take Jesus Christ to our families and friends, to our places of work and school, to restaurants and parks. Help us reach our world for Jesus.

Leadership Team

Lead Pastor
Our Lead Pastor, has a heart for community.  He desires to lift up the name of Jesus and see people grow in their spiritual walk with God.
Worship Leader
Jimmy’s heart is to see people connect and grow in their worship as they lead others before the throne of God. Taking people from the curbs of life into the holy place where God’s glory descends and encourages, we give God our first and best, not our last and leftovers. If you desire passionate worship and growing in your craft, then reach out and begin a jam session. You won’t regret it.
Children’s Pastor
Our Children’s Pastor, Joe Mosier has a huge heart for students. As a 20 plus year veteran, he shares relevent messages through his dynamic gift of storytelling, while using the latest technolgy. His desire is to help students of all ages to become disciples for Christ. In Worship World, Pastor Joe uses a variety of music, videos, games, activities and object lessons to teach kids about Jesus and provide them with ways they can share Christ with others in their everyday lives.
David Simpson
Church Secretary
David is our veteran. A retired lawyer by trade and training, he holds a wealth of knowledge and skills that propel Mt. Gallant into the bright future God is unfolding for us each day, while accounting our stewardship.
Jacob Redmon
Radiant Life
Jacob has a deep desire to unpack and mine out Biblical truths and how they relate to marriage. This class welcomes discussions and questions about life as we dicover new ways of strengthening our marriages and families in Christ.

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