5…Finding Christ— Recognize The Signs—2 Peter 2.10-16…Handout

Recognition is a part of all life. From infancy, all living creatures face innumerable dangers. As__________ we face malevolent foes on every front. Knowing this, God has His New_______________ authors help educate us on the dangers and signs of those attempting to pervert the Gospel. On his_______ missionary journey from 53- 57AD (Acts 18:23- 21:14) Paul share this in Acts 20:29 Poetically Judes says they’re just useless Jude 1:11-13 Our world longs for acceptance and that means that we must do what is_______, according to God Genesis 4:7 Recognize The Signs: The Smell,_______, Understand

1) The Smell of _____________ (2:10b-12)

Pete says you can smell the indulge of lust 2 Peter 2:10 These false teachers are daring, arrogant and not afraid Called Mocker’s (לוּץ luwts) an interpreter, ambassador, scorners who behave with insolent fury Proverbs 21:24 Grab the picture,_______angels are blasphemed by the false teachers, but righteous angels, who are greater in power & might, won’t slander fallen angels. 2 Peter 2:11 It’s hard not to judge, but we are not the judge and will be judged by the same standard we use. Matthew 7:2

Angels understand it’s the______who rebukes. Jude 1:9 Writing Titus, Paul tells us to slander no one Titus 3:2 This is a hard word for us in our culture today. We are to speak about people in a way that leaves_____ footprint.  Pete says false teachers are only concerned with their own appetites churning within them 2 Peter 2:12

Therefore, they’ll be destroyed, and won’t escape God’s judgment, though they claim higher spiritual knowledge. Remember there are____ types of people be the person who knows they don’t know everything.

2) Witness Their Luxurious __________ (2:13-14) 

Pete tells us false teachers work for wages 2 Peter 2:13 Wages (μισθός misthos) means dues paid for work, to be received on Judgement _____. Understand that God can’t be mocked it’s sin for a season Hebrews 11:24-26 Their luxuriousness is (τρυφή tryphē) is delicate living like owning a white sofa, not with kids! 2 Peter 2:13 False teachers stand out like stains, when dressed for a feast. Pete may be speaking of the Lord’s___________. What is lacking in their lives is the fruit of____________ Pete says they are insatiable for sin 2 Peter 2:14

God’s not tempting them, it’s their desire James 1:13-14 False teachers have lost all___________ or self-control. Like a fisherman, they catch by bait (δελεάζω deleazō) hooking the unstable by their teaching 2 Peter 2:14

3) Understand Their__________: Exploitation (2:15-16) False teachers have gone astray like Balaam 2 Peter 2:15 Balaam is a prophet for profit who sells himself teaching Israel to sin. Numbers 22:1-21, Deuteronomy 23:4-5 

A speechless________ will rebuke Balaam 2 Peter 2:16 By stay in sin too long we can become entrenched, darkened, turning insane because of hardness of heart. Ephesians 4:18


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